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In September 2021 we launch Different Doors, our Trauma-Informed Leadership Programme. Led by consultant headteacher Siobhan Collingwood, Different Doors puts mental health and wellbeing at the heart of all that you do. In this post Siobhan makes the case for why the old ways no longer open new doors and that schools need to be ready to be better.

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With child poverty at record highs, if schools really are serious about transforming the life chances of young people then they need to unlock social capital. In this blog, we unpack the different types of ‘capital’ and the challenges schools face.

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Finding the time to read governmental reports is something I’m not good at. So I made a big effort over the break to get to grips with one that I’ve been carrying around with me since its publication last Autumn. It’s called Cracking the code: how schools can improve social mobility.