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It's about leadership, and it's about right.

We are a purpose-driven leadership consulting company that believes in social justice and doing the right things. We provide a range of authentic services to schools and trusts throughout the UK to help them develop great leaders and great culture. We work collaboratively with CEOs, headteachers, governors, trustees and a range of other partners to support in the delivery of wholesome and sustainable leadership solutions. Why? Because social justice matters

Andrew Morrish

Founder and Director

Andrew Morrish has worked in the teaching profession for almost 30 years. He has been a headteacher since the age of 29, leading challenging multicultural schools across the country. He knows the journey of school transformation inside out, and is the author of 'The Art of Standing Out' and 'The Authentic Leader' (October 2022). Andrew is a former founder CEO, inspector and National Leader of Education.

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Our mission is simple: To bring authentic leadership to schools so that they can accomplish meaningful things (such as social justice).

It's about leadership, and it's about right.


Book Andrew to come and work with your leaders on how to embed the research-informed, 4-Part Authentic Leader Model (4PALM) across your school or trust. It's ideal for building a culture of systematic and sustainable change that leads to meaningful impact. “If you are going to write a book about how to lead a school, it helps if you have lead one.”


Leeds, 2020

I really enjoyed the session today and feel inspired about my focused actions for the future. I've had a great conversation with my chair of governors tonight, capturing how we need to re-focus governor measures and pull everything back to our values, vision and strategy. A great day!

Trust CEO

Devon, 2021

I found the session really helpful and left feeling less foggy with some real clarity about how to sharpen what we do. You managed to sum up, much more succinctly than me, what it is I'm struggling with. I was buzzing after our session!


East London, 2021

Thank you! I can't express how much your coaching has really developed my thinking but also supported actionable steps! I am looking forward to continuing our working relationship.

Chair of Trustees

Birmingham, 2021

I felt very happy with the way last week's CEO performance management reviews went. Thanks for making it smooth and more productive and for supporting the board through this new approach and process.


The Authentic Leadership, Health and Wellbeing Programme for Headteachers

A unique coaching programme based on the Authentic Leader Model and real-time biofeedback technology. With Andrew Morrish and Maria Brosnan.


We work with schools and trusts to help them develop great leaders who go on to accomplish meaningful things. Discover how we can make a difference to your organisation.


We love writing things down and sharing ideas.

We’d love you to engage, give us a follow and retweet on Twitter. Or simply grab a coffee, relax and dive right in. Either way, that’s what it’s there for.


Exclusively for CEOs, headteachers and aspiring leaders.

We offer a range of bespoke coaching packages designed for individuals or leadership teams to help them get even better. Enquire now to discover how we can help you build an authentic and sustainable coaching culture across your school or trust. #OnCultureOnPurpose


Following the success of 'The Art of Standing Out', Andrew's new book, 'The Authentic Leader' will be published by Bloomsbury in October 2022.

Find out more about other books Andrew has contributed to including 'The Headteacher's Handbook', 'The Working Class', 'Wholesome Leadership' and 'Leadership for Tomorrow'.


“A little known story well worth rescuing from the mists of history.” Metro

Watch a short video and read about the inspiring true story of Makana, and how real people came together to make change happen. It's about leadership, and it's about right.

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Our idea envisions a just society with an authentically led education system that ensures achievement for all.