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Because social justice matters

Makana Leadership Ltd is a small, purpose-driven education consulting company that believes in social justice and doing the right things. We provide a range of authentic leadership solutions to schools and trusts throughout the UK to help them develop great leaders and great culture. We work with CEOs, headteachers, governors, trustees and other system leaders to ensure that ethical leadership development leads to sustainable impact. It’s about leadership, and it’s about right.

Andrew Morrish

Founder and Director

Andrew has worked in the teaching profession for over 30 years. He has been a headteacher since the age of 29, leading challenging schools across the country. He knows the journey of school transformation inside out, and is the author of 'The Art of Standing Out' and 'The Authentic Leader'. Andrew is a former founder CEO, inspector and National Leader of Education. He now spends most of his time coaching and supporting leaders.

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Our mission is simple: To help great leaders become even better

Why? Because social justice matters.


Book Andrew to come and work with your leaders or speak at your event about his latest book, The Authentic Leader: A four-part model to lead your school to success. “I absolutely loved this book…Andrew’s book is a must-have for every headteacher and school leader.” Rae Snape, Headteacher and author of The Headteacher’s Handbook ”Andrew Morrish writes with wit and wisdom.” Mary Myatt, author, speaker and creator of myattandco.com "A set text for leaders" James Eldon, Principal


We work with schools and trusts to help them develop great leaders. We try and keep it simple. Discover how we can make a difference to your organisation.


We like writing stuff down. We also like to share it. Welcome to our blog.


Andrew's books, 'The Authentic Leader', and 'The Art of Standing Out' are available on Amazon. His new book on accountability, 'Beyond Belief', is due in October 2024 and is available for pre-order.

Find out more about other books Andrew has contributed to including 'The Headteacher's Handbook', 'The Working Class', 'Wholesome Leadership' and 'Leadership for Tomorrow'.


Exclusively for CEOs, headteachers and aspiring leaders.

We offer a range of bespoke coaching packages designed for individuals or leadership teams to help them get even better. Enquire now to discover how we can help you build an authentic and sustainable coaching culture across your school or trust.


“A little known story well worth rescuing from the mists of history.” Metro

Watch a short video and read about the inspiring true story of Makana, and how real people came together to make change happen. As featured in The Authentic Leader.

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Our idea envisions a just society with an equitable education system that ensures achievement for all. #OnCultureOnPurpose