Leadership for Tomorrow


'Continually adding improvements to existing models of schooling isn't enough. We need a more radical reconceptualisation of schooling's function and purpose.

We need school leaders who can look beyond the horizon and lead on the strength of lessons learned from here and now.

In Leadership for Tomorrow Groves, Hobbs and West-Burnham expertly examine what needs to change if schools are really to equip children and young people to thrive in our ever-changing world, and explore in both practical and theoretical terms the nature of the change leadership which can make this happen.

Rooted in direct experience of innovative and successful school leaders, Leadership for Tomorrow presents a wide range of strategies and case studies that will enable and inspire leaders to future-proof their school improvement approach and to fashion better futures for the children and young people in their care. Furthermore, by sharing their research-informed insight into - and vision for - the evolving nature of education, the authors hope to encourage leaders to go further in building both thier own and their school's capacity to live, learn and grow successfully.

Suitable for school leaders, those preparing for leadership, and those with an interest in leadership development and policy.'

Andrew’s contribution to this book is really only limited to the fact that (a) he is featured as one of the case study leaders, and (b) he was part of the group behind the book, Schools of Tomorrow. You can find out more about their work and what they do here, including their 4 Quadrant Framework for school self-evaluation.