Leeds, 2020

I really enjoyed the session today and feel inspired about my focused actions for the future. I've had a great conversation with my chair of governors tonight, capturing how we need to re-focus governor measures and pull everything back to our values, vision and strategy. A great day!

Trust CEO

Devon, 2021

I found the session really helpful and left feeling less foggy with some real clarity about how to sharpen what we do. You managed to sum up, much more succinctly than me, what it is I'm struggling with. I was buzzing after our session!


East London, 2021

Thank you! I can't express how much your coaching has really developed my thinking but also supported actionable steps! I am looking forward to continuing our working relationship.

Chair of Trustees

Birmingham, 2021

I felt very happy with the way last week's CEO performance management reviews went. Thanks for making it smooth and more productive and for supporting the board through this new approach and process.