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A virtual 2-term PLD programme with The Learning Partnership consisting of 4x 60-minute live sessions led by Andrew Morrish, author of The Authentic Leader: A four-part model to lead your school to success (Bloomsbury, 2022). Ideal for leaders at levels.

  • Date: 28/09/2023 16:00
  • Location Online Event

Price: £100


About the course

Session One: Authentic Leadership: 28.9.23

• What is Authentic Leadership and what does the research tell us?

• An introduction to the 4-Part Authentic Leader Model (4PALM)

• The 4 quadrants: Construct, Connect, Commit, Create

• The 4 Bs of culture: Believe, Belong, Behave, Become

• The 9 baseplates and why you need to attend to them

• The four conundrums of authentic leadership

Session Two: Construct: 30.11.23

Conundrum: How do I discover and articulate my core purpose and reason for being in a way that is compelling for all?

• Believe: Discovering your purpose

• Shaping your Mission (Baseplate 1)

• Aligning your Vision (2)

• Changing your Beliefs (3)

Session Three: Connect: 25.1.24

Conundrum: How do I collaborate with people in order to persuade and empower others to work together on this?

• Belong: Empowering people

• Establishing Relationships (4)

• Enabling Trust (5)

• Maintaining Motivation (6)

Session Four: Commit : 21.3.24

Conundrum: How do we unlock potential and increase capacity together in order to bring about purposeful change?

• Behave: Unlocking potential

• Driving Strategy (7)

• Building Capacity (8)

• Sustaining Growth (9)