Founded by former CEO Andrew Morrish, Makana Leadership is an education company that provides authentic and disruptive leadership support for schools and organisations. We try not to call ourselves a ‘consultancy‘ in the traditional sense as we believe that a new kind of leadership needs to emerge if we are to fulfil our mission of securing social justice. 

Makana Leadership is disruptive, because effective professional learning and development needs to be provocative in order to challenge and ask questions of leaders, and to deepen their understanding of what works best. Leaders need to reflect from time-to-time on the purpose and process of schooling, so that their leadership skills continually evolve and improve.

It is authentic, because it’s based on stuff that works (and doesn’t). Following over 30 years’ experience in the profession - including 20 as a headteacher, inspector, National Leader of Education and CEO - Makana Leadership is driven by Andrew’s desire to improve the life chances of pupils, by bringing people together to make change happen. Schools are complex places. They cannot operate in isolation. Why? Because social justice matters.

Whether it be leading change, strategic planning, professional learning and development, systems leadership, performance coaching, or good old-fashioned advice, Makana Leadership can work with you to empower your people to find a sustainable solution.

We have no 'off-the-shelf' or ready-made packages. There are no gimmicks. We don’t do quick-fixes and we certainly don’t offer guarantees for overnight success. And please don’t ever ask Andrew to come and do anything remotely resembling a mocksted review; he’ll politely decline. His SEF-writing days are over.

Let’s face it, nobody likes change. We try and kid ourselves though that we are fine with it. But our default position as human beings tends to be, ‘Yes, I like change. You go first.’ However, the best organisations flip the narrative. They do go first, and they do change the right things.

Imagine though for a minute that you could make the change, whatever that might be. Imagine again, that the change impacted not only on those things that the regulators demand - standards, results, flightpaths, targets, tables, tests - but more importantly on those things that really matter - the ones that get you out of bed in the morning. Things like creativity, resilience, relationships, happiness, enterprise, community engagement, equality, and so on, ensuring that everyone thrives, young and old.

These are difficult to measure of course, which is why it’s hard to do. And when it comes to changing them for the better, this is even harder to do, especially when trying to impact on social justice. We certainly can't do it on our own. That’s why we need to get people together to make the change happen. And that's hopefully where we come in. Humble in our approach, at Makana Leadership, we want to help you help others.

Why? Because social justice matters.