Founded by former CEO and headteacher Andrew Morrish, Makana Leadership is an education company that provides authentic and disruptive leadership support for schools and organisations.

Makana Leadership is disruptive because effective professional learning and development needs to be provocative in order to challenge and ask questions of leaders, and to deepen their understanding of what works best. Leaders need to reflect from time-to-time on the purpose and process of schooling, so that their leadership skills continually evolve and improve.

It is authentic, because it’s based on stuff that works (and doesn’t). Following over 30 years’ experience in the profession - including 20 as a headteacher, inspector, National Leader of Education and CEO - Makana Leadership is driven by Andrew’s desire to improve the life chances of pupils, by bringing people together to make change happen. Schools are complex places. They cannot operate in isolation. Why? Because social justice matters.

Our vision is to create an education system that secures social justice and that every child achieves well, no matter what their background. This requires expert leadership and this is where we come in. So whether you need support with leading and leveraging change, strategic planning, professional learning and development, system leadership, appraisal, scaling up, performance coaching, or good old-fashioned leadership advice, at Makana we can work with you to empower your people to find a sustainable solution.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website. Should you still want to speak to us and find out more about how we can support you, do get in touch. If you do nothing else, do read the amazing story about Makana, the name behind the company. It's true, and based on real people and real events.

Why? Because social justice matters.